World Book Day

We had a great day today, dressing up as our favorite book characters.

Can you guess who we are? world-book-day


Dazzling portraits!

Year 5 have been developing their drawing skills and have enjoyed researching and discussing Tudor artwork. After taking part in discussions, children then had the chance to put their observational skills into action. What do you think of the results?


Dazzling Homework

There has been some Dazzling homework being done in Treehouse class this week.

Some children put their baking skills into action and both baked cakes based on the Tower of London! The rest of the class enjoyed tasting the delicious cakes!

There were also some exciting crafts taking place where Tudor style jewellery was made, including brooches, rings and necklaces. One child also made Tudor torturing device.

Blakesley Hall -Tudors Topic

Year 5 had an exciting time visiting Blakesley Hall as part of our Tudors topic.

The day was spent exploring a real Tudor house and discovering more about the wealthy Smallbrooke family and their lives compared to their poorer servants.

The children also enjoyed spending time in the classroom space using quills to practice handwriting, handling Tudor artefacts and completing brass rubbings of various designs.